Union KY Animal Ordinance

City of Union, KY Code of Ordinance


General Provisions

90.01 Definitions
90.02 Animals running at large
90.03 Cruelty to animals in the second degree
90.04 Dyeing or selling dyed chicks or rabbits
90.05 Abandoning domestic animals prohibited
90.06 Destruction of abandoned and suffering animal


90.15 Definition
90.16 License required
90.17 Registration and issuance of license
90.18 License tag to be attached to dog
90.19 Dogs running at large
90.20 Noise disturbance
90.21 Impoundment
90.22 Reclaiming impounded dog
90.99 Penalty
Animals as a public nuisance, see § 92.03(E),(G)



For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

ABANDON. Abandonment shall constitute the relinquishment of all rights and claims by the owner to such animal. (KRS 257.100(4))

AT LARGE. Off the premises of the owner, and not under the control of the owner or his agent either by leash, cord, chain, or otherwise.

OWNER. Every person having a right of property to an animal and every person who keeps or harbors an animal, has it in his care, or permits it to remain on or about the premises owned or occupied by him.


(A) No person who is the owner of any animal shall permit it to run at large in any public road, highway, street, lane, or alley, or upon unenclosed land, or permit it to go on any private yard, lot, or enclosure without the consent of the owner of the yard, lot, or enclosure.

(B) The owner of an animal who permits it to run at large in violation of this section is liable for all damages caused by such animal upon the premises of another. Penalty, see § 90.99


(A) A person is guilty of cruelty to animals in the second degree when, except as authorized by law, he intentionally or wantonly:

(1) Subjects any animal to or causes cruel or injurious mistreatment through abandonment, participates other than as provided in § 90.03 in causing it to fight for pleasure or profit (including, but not limited to, being a spectator or vendor at an event where a four legged animal is caused to fight for pleasure or profit), mutilation, beating, torturing any animal other than a dog or cat, tormenting, failing to provide adequate food, drink, space, or health care, or by any other means;

(2) Subjects any animal in his custody to cruel neglect; or

(3) Kills any animal other than a domestic animal killed by poisoning. This section shall not apply to intentional poisoning of a dog or cat. Intentional poisoning of a dog or cat shall constitute a violation of this section.

(B) Nothing in this section shall apply to the killing of animals:

(1) Pursuant to a license to hunt, fish, or trap;

(2) Incident to the processing as food or for other commercial purposes;

(3) For humane purposes;

(4) For veterinary, agricultural, spaying or neutering, or cosmetic purposes;

(5) For purposes relating to sporting activities, including but not limited to horse racing at organized races and training for organized races, organized horse shows, or other animal shows;

(6) For bona fide animal research activities of institutions of higher education; or a business entity registered with U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Animal Welfare Act or subject to other federal laws governing animal research;

(7) In defense of self or another person against an aggressive or diseased animal;

(8) In defense of a domestic animal against an aggressive or diseased animal;

(9) For animal or pest control; or

(10) For any other purpose authorized by law. (KRS 525.130) Penalty, see § 90.99 Statutory reference: Cruelty to animals in the first degree, a Class D felony, see KRS 525.125


No person shall sell, exchange, offer to sell or exchange, display or possess living baby chicks, ducklings, or other fowl or rabbits which have been dyed or colored; nor dye or color any baby chicks, ducklings or other fowl or rabbits; nor sell, exchange, offer to sell or exchange or to give away baby chicks, ducklings or other fowl or rabbits, under two (2) months of age in any quantity less than six (6) except that any rabbit weighing three (3) pounds or more may be sold at an age of six (6) weeks. (KRS 436.600) Penalty, see § 90.99


No owner of a domestic animal shall abandon the animal. Penalty, see § 90.99


(A) Any peace officer, animal control officer, or any person authorized by the board may destroy or kill or cause to be destroyed or killed, any animal found abandoned and suffering and not properly cared for, or appearing to be injured, diseased, or suffering past recovery for any useful purpose.

(B) Before destroying the animal the officer shall obtain the judgment to that effect of a veterinarian, or of two (2) reputable citizens called by him to view the animal in his presence, or shall obtain consent to the destruction from the owner of the animal.

(C) (1) Any animal placed in the custody of a licensed veterinarian for treatment, boarding, or other care, which shall be unclaimed by its owner or his agent for a period of more than ten (10) days after written notice by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, is given the owner or his agent at his last known address, shall be deemed to be abandoned and may be turned over to the nearest humane society or animal shelter or disposed of as such custodian may deem proper.

(C) (2) The giving of notice to the owner, or the agent of the owner of the animal by the licensed veterinarian shall relieve the licensed veterinarian and any custodian to whom the animal may be given of any further liability for disposal. (KRS 257.100)



For the purpose of this subchapter the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

DOG. Any member of the canine family, six (6) months of age or over, male or female.


It shall be unlawful for any person to own or keep a dog or dogs in the city without first obtaining a license for each dog. This section and § 90.17 shall not apply to dogs whose owners are nonresidents temporarily within the city for a period less than thirty (30) days. Penalty, see § 90.99


(A) All dogs kept in the city shall be registered with Boone County as per county regulations. At the time of the registration, the owner shall obtain a license tag for the dog and shall pay a fee as established by Boone County for each dog.

(B) A new tag shall be obtained each year by every owner and a new fee paid. Penalty, see § 90.99


The license tag shall be fastened to the collar of the dog and shall be worn continuously, and the failure to have the tag so attached shall subject the owner or keeper thereof to the penalties provided herein. Penalty, see § 90.99


It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog, either licensed or unlicensed, regardless of the age of the dog, to allow the dog to be at large and unattended or to run in any street, park, lawn, garden, schoolyard, playground, or on any other public or private property. Penalty, see § 90.99


No person shall keep or harbor any dog within the city which, by frequent and habitual barking, howling, or yelping, creates unreasonably loud and disturbing noises of such a character, intensity, and duration as to disturb the peace, quiet, and good order of one or more of the inhabitants of two (2) or more separate residences. Any person who shall allow any dog habitually to remain, be lodged, or fed within any dwelling, yard, or enclosure which he occupies or owns shall be considered as harboring the dog. Penalty, see § 90.99


Every police officer, peace officer, or other authorized official shall have the authority to apprehend any dog running at large in violation of this chapter and any unlicensed dog in the city, and to impound such dog or have such dog impounded in the appropriate place.


The owner of any dog so impounded may reclaim the dog upon the payment of all appropriate fees and after fulfilling any and all other requirements.

§ 90.99 PENALTY.

(A) Any person who violates any provision of this chapter for which another penalty is not already otherwise provided shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each offense. Each day the violation exists shall constitute a separate offense.

(B) Any person who violates § 90.03 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00), imprisoned for not more than twelve (12) months, or both for each offense. (KRS 525.130)

(C) Any person who violates § 90.04 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). (KRS 436.600)