How to help

Do you want to be part of something exciting. When we see the plight of homeless or neglected animals in our community you can’t help thinking there isn’t much I can do. Can one person really make a difference with so many animals in need? Yes, you can and here is how to help.

We made a commitment to save lives but we can’t do it without your help.

How to Help

Donate… time Paw Pals Logo - Greenby volunteering at the shelter, on the Adoption Waggin’ or at events. Volunteers are a critical part of our team and determine how much we can do for the animals from day to day. Volunteers socialize and enrich our animals lives daily to reduce stress and promote behavioral health. Visit our Volunteer Page for more information. Click the Paw Pals logo for info on our Junior Volunteer Program for teens 13-17.

Donate… money to help provide medical care, spay/neuter surgery, cover adoption waggin expenses, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), or general needs. While our major bills are covered by Boone County Tax dollars, our low tax rates limit how much we can do. Basic essentials for housing, general health care, and animal control are covered but in recent years newer and expanded programs are being funded through your donations and events like Pawapalooza.

Donate… supplies, the shelter is always in need of cat litter, food, blankets, towels, laundry detergent, paper towels and other consumables. When these items are donated limited funds can be diverted to other needs. Visit our Wish List page for a current list of items the shelter needs.

Foster… How about a sleep over? Our foster parents provide a resource that we can not… more space and time. Sometimes the shelter environment is too stressful or the animal is too young or sick, needing time to heal or simply grow a little. That’s where you come in! We provide the training, supplies, and support you need to help us, help them. Please visit our Foster Page for more information.

Adopt… Adoption saves lives! Instead of going to a pet shop or breeder consider one of the thousands of animals that enter Northern Kentucky animal shelters each year. View our adoptable animals here.

Advocate… Simply put, support our efforts. Sometimes you can’t donate, foster, or adopt but you can share. Tell your family and friends about the animals who need help and ask them to Donate, Foster, Adopt, & Advocate.